Dear Self; Love, Me

Dear Kris,

You bared yourself naked to me more frequently than you have to anyone else. You probably stared at me longer than anyone did. I know you deep down—beyond skin deep.

You always tell me you feel ugly but stop. You are not. Do not let your idea of beauty be based on what you wear and how you look on the outside. Stare longer! Look at how big your heart can get to embrace even thorns and still survive. You are strong and beautiful. Maybe not how it is defined in this stage of world’s vain anxiety, but beyond shallow limiting standards.

You do not have to compromise living in a world where wrong is normalised. Set your own principles, and believe in your own light. You will hear many voices but listen to the one that comes from within. It may not be the loudest, and may not be as said with strong conviction as others,’ but still, listen to it. Believe because no one else would know better about how you are wired inside than yourself.Read More »